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TGIF! Everybody loves making it to quitting time on Friday evening. As a business owner, you may have fallen into the trap of thinking that you have to be hyper focused on nurturing your business 24/7 which has left you working yourself into a state of frustration and burnout. Here are some things you can do on your weekends that can benefit your business, give you a boost for the upcoming week, and provide the reset that we all crave on weekends.

Don’t Sleep In
Wait a minute. Isn’t this supposed ego be an article about resting and regrouping for the upcoming week? What could be better for that than sleeping until noon on Saturday?! Actually, getting up within 1 hour of your typical wake up time is more beneficial for your internal clock than sleeping for 12 hours 1 or 2 nights a week. You don’t have to roll out of bed at normal time and get to work on weekends, but you should still get up around your normal time.

Focus on Friends and Family
It is vital for your mental and emotional wellbeing that your nurture relationships with people in your life who aren’t customers or clients. Not only does it develop the support system you need in your personal life as an entrepreneur, it ensures that you maintain the ability to function outside of a professional environment. Don’t be afraid to spend hours talking about things that have nothing to do with your business. Every event is not a networking event.

Learn Something New
As an entrepreneur, you are business focused from the minute you unlock the door on Monday morning until you turn off the lights on Friday evenings. Spending some time on weekends learning and developing new skills serves 2 purposes: first of all, it breaks the monotony of your business based thought patterns, and secondly, it opens you up to alternative, creative thinking. These new ways of thinking can positively impact the way that you operate your business.

You don’t have to work your weekends away in the name of benefitting your business. Take these steps for your personal growth and watch them provide a boost to your business.