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Entrepreneurship requires a level of perseverance that can tax the mind and body. With any enterprise of multi-faceted endeavor, it is vital to be able to renew motivation through every phase of the project. When things get rough, entrepreneurs can turn to these habits to stay motivated.

Get Rested

It’s easy to overlook the value of quality downtime. Shutting off the higher functioning of the mind allows the brain to enter into a restorative state and unwind from the high-intensity thinking from the day. Setting time for laziness, extra sleep, or a few hours of mulling around are beneficial for the brain. Giving these breathers helps to ensure that when it’s time to resume hard work mode, the brain is ready too.Absorb Motivation From Others

There are a multitude of sources of motivation floating around the internet in the form of motivational quotes, blogs, or social media posts. These can be easily added to a routine of refueling the tank of motivation. Sometimes all it takes is a string of well put together words, speaking to the desire for dreams to be achieved and empathizing with the struggle of that achievement to break through a rut or downward spiral.Write Goals and Journal Progress

There is a potent power in putting words to paper. It makes them more real, concrete and takes them out of the brain. Putting down the main goals of the day, week or quarter has a powerful effect on the ability to achieve them. It can be then taken further to breaking them down into small milestones. When these milestones are reached they should also be jotted and celebrated. Having a growing list of achievements can rival the itching feeling or a growing to-do list or a backlog of mistakes.Find Motivating Friends

Few things are more inspiring than a person who is brimming with energy and ideas they are glad to share with others. Having a set of friends or a community of like-minded individuals with aspirations and passion makes this type of energy contagious. Trying to be the constant fuel and spark to a large project can be overwhelming. When things don’t seem to light, other illuminating individuals can help get things going again.
Sometimes it can be challenging to stay motivated as an entrepreneur, especially when you are first starting out. Keeping these tips in my when times get tough and you will be able to emerge triumphally from on the other side.